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What Our Patients Say About Us!

“I remember the phone call a few days later when you told me that all the details concerning my sojourn in Vienna have been planed. I couldn’t understand…””what do you mean?”” I asked; I have yet to book flight and accommodation… but then you told me that you and your team took care of everything: flight ticket, hotel, translation of my medical dossier, and, of course, the doctor appointments, everything had been taken care of. “

Maria, 42 y.o.

“AT-MED doesn’t believe in waiting lists because the illness doesn’t wait either. 48 hours after sending my medical dossier, I had already received the medical assessment of the Viennese specialists.”

Cristian, 30 y.o.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for assisting me in the difficult time I’ve been through. Just when the doctors at home had given up on me, you guys appeared in my life. You acted professional, fast and in a few days I was in an operating theater being taken care of by some of the best doctors in the world!”

Marius, 36 y.o.

Fast! Professional! Your team, Darius, is very efficient giving me the certainty I was on good hands!”

Ioana, 32 y.o.

“In my situation, the most important aspect was the speed. I started the treatment very quick after I called the AT-MED team. With AT-MED we received the best treatment and I was treated with respect.”

Mihai, 27 y.o.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the physicians recommended mastectomy to me. I could not accept this so I called AT-MED and I chose to be treated by Dr. Singer. He saved my breast and my life. I trusted him and I recommended him to all the women who receive this horrible diagnosis. Dr. Singer is the best in his field.

Angela, 52 y.o.

I was very pleased with Dr. Singer. Two years ago I got to him through AT-MED and from the first moment I had the feeling that someone understands me and wants to help me. Dr. Singer’s professionalism and pleasant atmosphere in Privatklinik Döblingg gave me a second chance to live. If I was living in Austria, dr. Singer would certainly have been my gynecologist now.

Diana, 48 y.o.

For years I’ve been affected by the symptoms of severe menopause. I’ve visited a lot of doctors and I didn’t get the best solution for my problems. This year I chose to be consulted by a specialist and, through AT-MED, I reached the cabinet of Dr. Singer. I had the feeling from the beginning that he understood my situation. He spoke very much and he told me what were my treatment options. Due to therapy, the symptoms of menopause have disappeared. I am very glad that I finally found a doctor capable and dedicated to the people.

Maria, 53 y.o.

An exceptional, well-trained, professional, empathic physician with both patients and relatives, a passionate physician, dedicated to his patients. I thank to him and to AT-MED team for giving me a second chance to live.

Cristi, 58 y.o.

Words are useless. When you get the cancer diagnosis you can only think of two things: Fight as much as you can or accept the diagnosis and give up. I chose to fight and with the AT-MED team I was treated by Dr. Drach. He’s been with me since I put my foot in his hospital. Now I go there twice a year for routine checks. He is an angel among the people and I own him each day of my life.

Andreea, 44 y.o.

Mister Johannes Drach is a professional. I didn’t feel like a stranger in his medical office even if I was not a difficult case, as other patients, I only heard beautiful words about him. I recommend him to everyone.

Ioana, 38 y.o.

AT-MED recommended to me to see Dr. Schillinger. I saw a professional, a solution-oriented physician. He responded with calm to my many questions and he explained me clearly what my options are. The doctor and his team from Imed19 clinic, took care of me from all points of view.

Victoria, 41 y.o.

I was Dr. Schilinger patient and I was very pleased with the treatment and the care he gave me. The moment he told me that I was going to pass through surgery, I understood how the surgery would take place. He told me to trust him and his team. I his hands I felt like I deserved a chance to live. I thank the AT-MED team for their support during my stay in Austria.

Claudia, 54 y.o.

I called the AT-MED team and I arrived in Austria at Dr. Schillinger – a very competent and empathic physician. Our first meeting was at Imed19, a place where, besides being surrounded by the latest generation of medical equipment, I felt at home. The doctor and his assistants were very careful with my needs, the diagnosis was correct, but the most important thing is that during my stay in Austria I didn’t have worries. Now I’m fine thanks to AT-MED and Dr. Schillinger.

Bianca, 32 y.o.

I met Dr. Steinhart this year and I can say he was an irreproachable person since our first meeting. Starting with the way he talked with me until the diagnosis and recommended treatment. I thank him for his patience, taking into account that I am from Romania and I have come to him through AT-MED. I wish him good health and success in all of his projects.

Oana, 45 y.o.

I think I was one of Dr. Ulrich Steinhart serious cases. Taking into account that I had several medical problems, the surgical intervention recommended by him was very difficult for me and for the doctors. Everything went perfectly. Dr. Ulrich Steinhart told me that if I follow his instructions, the healing time will be reduced. I trusted him, three years have passed since surgery and I feel much better. I thank him and the AT-MED team who was next to me while I was in Austria.

Cristina, 60 y.o.

Dr. Steinhart is a professional. With the help of AT-MED, I had a surgical intervention three years ago and everything went perfectly. He calmly answered to all my questions and made me understand what was going to happen to me. I had full confidence in him and now I can enjoy a quiet life. I recommend him from all my heart.

Robert, 51 y.o.

Through AT-MED I was treated my Dr. Kotz for my knee problem. Gonarthrosis, more accurate. Everything was simple, starting with the first consultation, the medical tests, diagnosis and treatment. He is a professional who, along with his team from Wiener Privatklinik, is doing miracles. Thank you!

Ionuț, 44 y.o.

Thousands of thanks to Dr. Rainer Kotz and his team. My mother, guided by AT-MED, got to him with advanced coxarthrosis. The surgery went really well and now she enjoys living without pain. Thank you very much and I strongly recommend him with all my confidence.

Gabriela, 35 y.o.

A great doctor with great hands, a man that we rarely meet. I read a lot about my doctor when I chose to take my father to him. What I noticed is that he treats her patients equally, regardless their country or origin, social status, financial situation, etc. My dad had a surgical intervention on his knee and I can say that dr. Kotz saved his leg. Every time I look at my father when he walks, I think of the miracle the doctor did. Thank you very much!

Liviu, 39, y.o.