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More chances for your health!

The best medical treatment

We know that, when confronted with a medical problem, time is of primordial essence.

That’s why AT-MED facilitates the access to medical solutions made in Austria in a very short time, taking care of the logistics and assisting you in all your needs.

  • The innovative technologies created by scientists in the medical area are successfully applied in the medical offices, hospitals and clinics in Vienna and are considered to be among the most efficient in the world.

  • The hospitals and clinics in Vienna are internationally certified with first class facilities and trained physicians with at least 15 years of training and practice experience;

  • Due to strict compliance with European Standards, treatments performed in Viennese clinics are done on time, with no issues such as missing medication or broken equipment;

  • Austria is renowned as the friendliest country in the world in regards to international patients following treatment here. There are procedures even for the way doctors talk to their patients, especially when it concerns severe conditions;

  • Private clinics and hospitals are renowned for the fast diagnosis of medical conditions. Therefore treatments in Vienna can be started in the shortest possible time.

No boundries for treatments in Viena

When you want the best treatment, Vienna is the right choice for you. However if you are scared of potential obstacles on your way to a healthy life, the AT-MED team is here to help you:

  • All doctors speak English, but if you don’t we can arrange for a translator to be next to you throughout the treatment;
  • We offer  you the most suitable accommodation options at nearby hotels ;

Patients Testimonials

The AT MED team meant for me a second chance to live. In my country I wasn’t given any chance but the doctors in Austria made my recovery possible.

Mihaela, 36 y.o., Cluj

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