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Darius Pencea – Story of the AT-MED Founder

I wouldn’t do change my career for all the tea in China… I deal with patients with life threatening diagnostics on a daily base, but the satisfaction I feel every time I can be of assistance is so rewarding that I can’t see myself doing anything else.

Darius Pencea, Owner AT-MED

I have always been drawn to entrepreneurship… I was 18 years old when I opened my first business and over the years I owned businesses in real estate and gastronomy but my most interesting endeavor yet is the one I’m experiencing now.

Darius Pencea – How was AT-MED born?

7 years ago I got a call from a friend living in Romania at that time who desperately needed my help: his4 years old boy had just been diagnosed with leukemia and he was trying to get his child admitted to an Austrian hospital. I am an Austrian citizen and have been living in Vienna since I was 10 years old. I did my best and a few days later the child was already patient of St. Anna Kinderspital, an excellent hospital, specialized in cancer therapy. This story had an happy ending on all levels and left me with a new feeling of purpose and mission: I became aware of the acute need of support and assistance every patient feels, especially when their best medical options take them out of their country.

This is how AT-MED was born.

A few months later I had already opened a new business, got all the necessary permits and started to build my own collaborations with the best medical specialists Austria, and why not, Europe, has to offer.

Darius Pencea – 7 Years leading AT-MED

It’s not easy, we usually deal with very complicated, more often than not, life threatening diagnostics: oncologic cases, accidents, congenital malformations, fire victims

I can honestly say, we always work on borrowed time… time is our first and, sometimes, also our worst enemy. we developed a system where we maximized efficiency in getting the medical estimate and minimized the loss of time. Usually we can get the Austrian medical option for our to be patient in 48h.

In the beginning I was alone, now I lead a team with very specific tasks: we deal with out patients’ travel and accommodation needs, then, when they arrive, we meet them at the airport, accompany them to the doctor appointments, translate for them (if necessary) and assist and support them in everything. After they go home, we follow up with the necessary medication, sending it to the country of their residence.

We are available 24/7 to our patients…. Until now I’ve interrupted 4 vacations to come back and be with my patients… but I don’t care… I love what I do!

Darius Pencea – Get your Viennese medical options through AT-MED

AT-MED   means more than facilitating the connection between patients and the best specialists for their medical needs. It also offers a fresh and efficient approach to the whole concept of international medical tourism, with focus on a personalized solution and an active support team.