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Advanced therapies for cancer

Austria is renowned for having the best specialists and scientists working in the field of cancer treatment. Here, the latest therapies are being tested and developed for patients. With AT-MED, patients will have the opportunity to benefit quickly from advanced treatments that are most suitable for them.

Gamma Knife therapy for cancer patients

Used to treat brain tumors, the Gamma Knife is seen as the gold standard of radiosurgery because it has a precision of only 0.25 mm and can treat multiple tumors in one session.

Gamma Knife radiosurgery accurately focuses on gamma ray beams at the same point without affecting the healthy tissues around the tumors.

S.I.R.T for cancer patients

S.I.R.T (selective internal radiation therapy), also known as radio-embolization, uses radioactive microspheres that are transmitted directly into the blood vessels surrounding the liver tumor. Microspheres emit radiation directly into the veins that fuel the tumor with oxygen, destroying them without causing damage to healthy tissue near the tumor.


Proton therapy for cancer patients

Proton therapy uses protons that can be routed and stored in tissue volumes, designated by doctors, in a three-dimensional pattern with each beam used. The big advantage of proton therapy is the control and precision of the energy beam. This hence the superior management of the treatment and the recovery is faster.


Antibody Therapy for cancer patients

Antibody therapy uses antibodies synthesized in the laboratory from a single cell type of the immune system. The antibodies identify and destroy the substances that help tumor cells develop. The benefit of the antibody therapy is the ability to target and destroy cancer cells without destroying the healthy cells around the tumors.

Immunotherapy for cancer patients

Immunotherapy consists in stimulating the immune system to attack cancer cells. It causes fewer side effects than other treatments and the risk of cancer recurrence is low. If you are interested in more information about immunotherapy and how it can help you please feel free to contact us.

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Doctors treating you in Austria through AT-MED

Prof. Univ. Dr. Christian Singer, obstetrician-gynecologist

Prof. Univ. Dr. Johannes Drach, internist, specialist in haemato-oncology

Prof. Univ. Dr. Schillinger Martin, cardiologist, angiologist

Prof. Univ. Dr. Ulrich Steinhart, obstetrician-gynecologist

Rainer Kotz

Dr. Rainer Kotz, Orthopedics and endoprotection


Fast! Efficient! Accessible! And a very communicative and enjoyable team. With help of AT MED I was consulted by Prof. Martin Schillinger. I felt in good hands.*

Irene, 40 y.o., Toulouse

The AT MED team meant for me a second chance to live. In my country I wasn’t given any chance but the doctors in Austria made my recovery possible.*

Elissa, 36 y.o., Frankfurt

In my situation the most important aspect was the fast response I got. I was scheduled and started my treatment within days from the first contact. With AT MED I received the best treatment and was treated with respect.*

Lucas, 32 y.o., Bruges

*Disclaimer: All statements belong to our customers. Results and treatments may vary depending on each case.

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  1. Every medical consultation costs 150 – 300 EUR depending on the doctor’s specialization and the complexity of your medical case.
  2. The cost of every oncological therapy session starts from 4900 EUR.
  3. Imagery interpretation costs 150 EUR.
  4. In order to answer your request in maximum 48 hours we need your complete medical record with information about previous interventions, treatments and therapies, smoking habits, allergies as well as important medical information about 1st degree relatives.
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